T-Shirt Slogans!

To tie in with the launch of our new range of fonts we have included a page of funny slogans and phrases to give you some ideas to work with. Try them in different font styles for different results.

How do you like them apples?
Kiss me I'm Scottish/Irish, etc
Born to rock
I'm rad, you're rad, let's hug
Fifty not out
Rock on!
Don't dis my momma
Cheer up emo kid
I'm kind of a big deal
Moody cow
Pool shark in training
Rehab is for quitters
Pale is the new tan
Don't hassle the hoff
My dentist says I've got a purty mouth
'mon the. . .
Keep emo out of BMX
Support the scene, sleep with a singer
It's all about me
It's not a sixpack, it's 2 years worth of burgers/beers
I smile cos I've got no idea what's going on
I want to be a mutant
Your web address/ email address
I'm the drummer's mum
Putting the stud into student since 2003
L is for Loser
I do mind actually
Life's a garden, dig it!
Stroppy cow
What you lookin' at?
This girl's spoiled
This girl loves to party
This girl loves shopping
This girl is a genius
Hugs not Drugs
Too hot to handle
These arms are for hugging
Lets hug it out
Global warming is not cool
Simply irresistible
I'm single if your rich
Girls rule, Boys drool
This guy needs a beer
This guy can rock
This guy can party
I've got the skills to pay the bills
My future's so bright I wear shades
I love your mum
Homosexuals are gay
Jesus is coming
That's how I roll
Constant shallowness leads to evil
If you think I'm a bitch you should meet my mother
I have the/ Worlds best dad/mum
This scene is dead
I love nerds, etc
Property of . . .
I'm no vegetarian but I'm off my chops
Nothing to declare but my genius
What happens at grandma's (wherever) stays at grandma's
The revolution is only a t shirt away
I want attention
Happy young goth
Do not disturb
If mummy says no, ask granny
100% Scottish, etc
It's not easy being this pale
I hate tourists
Mustn't sleep, clowns will eat me!
Don't worry be happy
The pigeons are after me
Never knowingly understood
I'm not cheap, I'm free
Wait until your name is called
Same old, Same old
I'm not Spanish!
Excuse me while I rock!
Everyone loves an Irish girl
Queen Bitch
The only way is a pirate's way
Bite me!
I predict a diet!
Keep it retro
I love animals . . .They taste delicious!
Butter me up
Do I know you?
High five!
You've changed!
Wit were deplin wit here is a complete lack of respect for the law
Crazy lady
I don't belong here!
Bring back to 70's
I have nothing to wear
I believe in fairies
Please tell your boobs not to stare at my eyes
Body of a god, pity it's Buddha
You make me feel like dancing
I do bad things
Lock up your daughters/sons
Choose life, choose fife
Pretty fly for a white guy
An awkward morning is better than a boring night
Good twin/evil twin
Vegans taste better