Create custom t-shirts online

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When the software has loaded into this web page:

To add text:

  • Click the ‘Add Text’ tab;
  • Type in your text, choose font and colour;
  • Please note that colours also include a variety of Textile Vinyl* finishes
  • Any other colours can be printed DTG (ink direct to garment)
  • To upload artwork:

  • Click the ‘Upload Your Artwork’ tab at the top of the designer;
  • Locate your artwork on your computer and click 'Upload Your Artwork';
  • Size and position the artwork within the dotted lines on the garment;
  • Files for upload must be either .jpg, .png or tiff formats;
  • To change or delete colours in your artwork:

  • Click the colour you want removed with the crosshair tool. Please note colour editing is not suitable for full colour images with gradients of colour, eg photographs;
  • When you ‘Add to Design’ a colour palette appears which allows you to change colours (again suitable for solid colour images, not photographs or full colour). The ‘refresh’ icon undoes any changes and the box with the red line removes any selected colours;
  • The colour palette includes textile vinyl finishes* Any other colours can be printed DTG (ink direct to garment)
  • We will always contact you – if there are any issues with your artwork that we think may result in a print that may disappoint. If you have any questions or difficulties please Email us at with your name and order number or telephone 0131 226 7020 describing your problem and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

    *Textile Vinyl is suitable for printing 1 or 2 colours. Strong colour contrast is a feature. Various finishes:-

    Flock – a velvet, raised feel to the finish.

    Fluro – a splash of fluorescent colour.

    Glitter – a sparkly effect.

    Standard Vinyl – a soft matt finish, stretchable and durable.

    Some Things to Remember

    Everyone’s monitor display varies so the actual garment colours may not exactly match the screen. There's also info on Pricing, Sizing Artwork. So start creating your own t shirt online Now!

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